5 pieces of advice that apply to any age

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I already have a bunch of advice for my younger self, as I believe most of us do. At 25, you are not the wisest, for sure, but you have experienced enough to know better than when you were a teenager. I am curious how this advice would change in…


Tell me your top 5 male fashion influencers that promote mostly ethical & sustainable brands. If you know them from the top of your head, please share them in the comments, if you are struggling to even find them on Instagram, you are not the only one. Not because they…

Capitalism & degrowth explained

The book Less Is More by Jason Hickel and a matacha latte
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Not too long ago, I’ve got an intense green gift, that seemed to scream at me. It was a phosphorescent, toxic green that you wouldn’t use unless you need to highlight something important. Well, this book had something crucial to highlight, and it was about how to save the world.

My first impression

Do you ever wake up and decide that this is going to be an amazing day, no matter what

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You might feel tired and sad inside, but you are determined to ignore those feelings so that you could have a great day. For a short period of time, you might actually feel good, focusing on your daily tasks from work or home, but after a few hours, you are…


Declutter in sync with the environment, not against it

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Taking a minimalist approach to life implies that we are going to get rid of things that we don’t actually need. But it’s not just about reducing the number of our possessions, it’s about being able to emotionally detach from objects…


Walking on a white, icy path. No destination. The cold air is clearing my lungs. The trees are bending under the sparkling snow. The sun dances through the branches and warms my face. I feel free, no pressure, no sounds, no people.

Photo by Lumen

This is how a forest bathing session can…

Read these if you often feel anxious, stuck & not present

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I’m both a lover & a hater when it comes to self-help books. For years, I came across cheesy books that said they will make you successful in 30 days, fit, rich, or whatever you want to improve at yourself. They’ve always made me cringe, and all the information was…

I tried a less commercial wellness treatment that has nothing to do with face masks or cleanse juices.

Completely naked, I entered into an egg-shaped spaceship, that somehow was really welcoming me inside. I pulled the lid down and some soothing music stared as I was lying on the water. That’s right, on it because the water is so salty (500 kilograms of Epsom salt to be accurate)


Donald Judd described his work as “the simple expression of complex thought” and it goes hand in hand with how I want to write and create.

Donald Judd Furniture

I’ve also researched minimalism as part of my MA final project, which led me to discover Donald Judd. For someone who is considered by others a ‘father of minimalism’ the fact that he hated this term shows us how much this movement evolved over the years.

He is often referred…

Sometimes it looks like there are two teams: the ones who love fashion and the ones who love the planet as if you can’t have both. Of course, we are seeing more and more conscious fashion brands and initiatives, but a hardcore fashionista is buying everything from luxury brands, fast…

Călina Mureșan

I write about fashion, art, books, how to upscale your wellness, sustainable lifestyle & how to become a tad more conscious. https://calinamuresan.com/

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