3 ways to help you with your guilt during this week

Describe this week in 3 short sentences:

Buy now!

Best deals ever!

80% off when you buy a second item!

These are the highlights of the week for many of us, even if we are or not actively shopping or following the sales. Everything else is blurry, from COVID-19 regulations to METAverse to NFTs to Squid Games being a major hit on Netflix…

I tried a less commercial wellness treatment that has nothing to do with face masks or cleanse juices.

Completely naked, I entered into an egg-shaped spaceship, that somehow was really welcoming me inside. I pulled the lid down and some soothing music stared as I was lying on the water. That’s right, on it because the water is so salty (500 kilograms of Epsom salt to be accurate)

Călina Mureșan

I write about fashion, art, books, how to upscale your wellness, sustainable lifestyle & how to become a tad more conscious. https://calinamuresan.com/

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